Stine Goya Rita Tote Bag Accessories 4009 Clouds

Rita Tote Bag - Clouds

Rita Tote Bag in Clouds. Lightweight tote bag with 2 shoulder straps, bright abstract pattern and large STINE GOYA logo. 100% Organic Cotton.

Organic cotton is an alternative to regular cotton. It is a natural and renewable fibre, produced using natural processes instead of toxic chemicals.

100% Organic Cotton

The bag measures 45 cm x 39 cm
Each handle is 55 cm long

For the Pre-Spring 2023 collection, Stine Goya creates a collection drawn from a holographic universe where art, technology and human interaction meet. Inspired by the collaborative group Teamlab, Cloud 9 draws the wearer in with dimensional textures, ethereal patterns and dynamic silhouettes, to create an other-worldly experience.

Stine Goya Rita Tote Bag Accessories 4009 Clouds
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